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DreamHouse LKV Oy is an independent financially sound real estate agency with over 15 years of experience from the real estate industry. We offer a personal and professional service and ensure that everything related to the selling and/or buying process is fluent and effortless for you.

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BOOK a free evaluation p. 050 433 5111 / myynti@dreamhouse.fi

The commission fees are based on the final debt free price of each sale and will be charged once an agreement has been reached and signed by seller and buyer.

Apartments: 3,4% (incl. vat 24%)

Properties: 3,5% (incl. vat 24%)

Minimum fee: 3000€ (incl. vat 24%)

Official written appraisal: 700€ (incl. vat 24%) + document fees

Rental: 1 months rent x 1,24 (incl. vat 24%) + document fees

Ask for an offer by comission fee!



If you need renovation for your house or some new styling ideas we can arrange it. We have 15 years experience for renovations also.

Please contact p. 050 433 5111 / Koponen